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5 Reasons to Go Solar

5 Reasons to Go Solar

You’ve probably heard that you should opt for solar lighting over electric. But, what’s so great about solar? It’s an important question to ask yourself before choosing the best way to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Deck Impressions, your place for an excellent selection of solar LED landscape lights, has chosen our top five reasons you should consider going solar instead of electric.

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Easy on Your Wallet

The first thing you probably consider when searching for lawn, garden, or deck lighting, is price. When comparing the price of solar LED lights to electric lighting price, solar lights definitely come out on top. Plus, they are generally easy to use and won’t require you to spend extra money on installation. The biggest cost-saving benefit is that they don’t run up your electric bill!


Solar lights are an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint because they use solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. Sunlight keeps them running all day and even into the night because they store up additional energy during the day.

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Solar landscape lights use LED lights, which are one of the longest lasting lighting options. And, they’re very energy efficient because they run off energy produced by the sun.

No Wires or Outlets Required

Yep, you don’t need any electric wires or outlets to light your lawn with solar lights! This makes it extremely easy to move your lights wherever you want… by your pathway, inside your flower garden, near the pool, or on your deck.

Minimal Maintenance

Most outdoor solar lights are easy to install and virtually maintenance free! Just wipe the dirt off them once in awhile and they’re good to go all spring and summer.

Shop for solar-powered landscape lighting.

Deck Impressions believes that quality and delivery come first and that a competitive price is expected. A keen interest in tomorrow’s environmental challenges place our products ahead of the competition with new and novel energy efficient advances that reflect the growing trends of a changing social environment. We’re proud to offer our customers the best outdoor lighting, patio lights, deck lighting, garden lighting, solar LED lights, security lighting, and more.

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