Q: Can I retrofit an existing deck to incorporate the lighted balusters?

A: Yes. It’s very easy to do. Click here to watch our installation video.

Q: How many watts per lighted deck baluster?

A: Each lighted deck baluster carries a wattage label. In general, wattages are as follows (see the electrical ratings label for exact wattage): 0.27w for a single ornament lighted baluster, 0.80w for a linear lighted baluster

Q: What wattage transformer do I need?

A: It depends upon the number of lighted deck balusters and accessories connected to the system. Add the total number of watts on your system, then choose a transformer that can handle the total watts of your system.

Q: What Gauge wire do I need?

A: 16 AWG Low Voltage Landscape Wire

Q: Can I use larger gauge wire than 16 AWG?

A: No. The system is built around the specifications of 16 AWG wire.

Q: What is the maximum distance I can run the 16 AWG wire from the transformer?

A: The current carrying capacity of 16 AWG wire in a 12 volt system limits the distance to 50 feet from the transformer to the farthest connector point.

Q: How many single ornament lighted deck balusters can I put on 50 feet of 16 AWG wire?

A: 150 (at 4” on-center spacings) for a total of 40.5 watts.

Q: If my transformer is mounted away from my deck, how do I power the deck?

A: Refer to the electrical codes in your area. A feeder wire of a larger gauge can be connected to the transformer and run to a junction box on your deck. The junction box can serve as a splice enclosure for connecting to the 16 AWG landscape wire.

Q: How bright are the lighted deck balusters?

A: 4 Lumens for a single ornament lighted deck baluster and 50 Lumens for a linear lighted deck baluster.

Q: Will the farthest lighted deck baluster be noticeably dimmer than the one closest to the transformer?

A: No.

Q: Can I use a dimmer with the LED lighted deck balusters?

A: Yes. Dimmers with electrical ratings matching that of the load can be used. If the dimmer is mounted outdoors where exposed to the elements, it should be marked suitable for wet location use.

Q: Where can I purchase replacement LED bulbs?

A: The LEDs built into your balusters are made to last the lifetime of the baluster. You will not need to replace the LEDs.

Q: How long will the lighted deck balusters last before I need to buy new ones?

A: The average service life for the balusters under normal operating conditions is 5 years.

Q: Why do I need I need a transformer for Deck Impressions® Lighted Baluster system?

A: Transformers reduce household electricity (120 Volts) to 12-volts. The Deck Impressions® Lighted Baluster system operates on 12-volts.

Q: What type of metal are the lighted deck balusters made of?

A: Powder Coated Aluminum

Q: What types of decking materials can I use with Deck Impressions® lighted balusters?

A: Most types of decking are compatible with the Deck Impressions® lighted baluster systems, including but not limited to: Pressure treated lumber, Vinyl railing, Aluminum railing, engineered wood, etc.

Q: What is the diameter of the baluster pole?

A: 3/4”

Q: Are the balusters UL listed?

A: Yes

Q: Are Deck Impressions® Lighted Balusters code compliant? Are my children safe to play on decks constructed with Deck Impressions® balusters?

A: Deck Impressions® Lighted Balusters systems have been tested to withstand 125 pounds per square foot in-field loading. Glass baluster systems have been tested to withstand 200 pounds per square foot in-field loading. These in-field loading specifications meet or exceed code requirements for deck railing systems.

Q: Can I cut the length of the balusters?

A: Yes. The bottom of the balusters can be cut to a point within 4” of the ornament. The bottom section should be unscrewed from the ornament prior to cutting.

Q: Why do the balusters measure longer than stated on the packaging and sales literature?

A: The nominal length of the balusters is measured from the ends of the aluminum tube and does not include the thickness of the hardware. When combining Deck Impressions® lighted balusters with non-lighted balusters, the non-lighted balusters should be the same length as the stated length on the lighted balusters. Once the non-lighted baluster is fitted with mounting hardware, it will match the total length of the lighted Deck Impressions® baluster.

Q: What components make up the Deck Impressions® Lighted Baluster System?

A: The complete system consists of the following components, all available at www.DeckImpressions.com

  1. Top and bottom connectors for straight or stair handrails (hold the balusters to the deck rails)
  2. 16 Gauge Wire to supply power to the lighted balusters
  3. Wire covers for straight or stair handrails
  4. Low voltage transformer to power the system
  5. LED Lighted Balusters
  6. Non-Lighted Balusters for mixing with lighted balusters

Q: Can I mix non-lighted & lighted Balusters?

A: Yes. The Deck Impressions® system allows you to mix lighted and non-lighted balusters in your deck railing. You can have a railing with all lighted balusters, some lighted balusters, or no lighted balusters. You can replace non-lighted balusters with lighted balusters at any time. All you need is to install the connectors, wire, and transformer and from there, the mix of lighted and non-lighted balusters is up to you.

Q: Will the Deck Impressions® balusters work on DC (battery) power?

A: No. The Deck Impressions® balusters operate on 12 volts AC (alternating current).